Social Media

Join Be My Light on our social media channels to be among the first to advocate for the Street Children in Egypt. hear about our groundbreaking work supporting the Street Children and transforming their lives.

By joining us on social media, you’ll gain access to photos, videos and stories from Egypt. We welcome you to ask questions, give us feedback or just tell us your thoughts on the Street Children Crisis in Egypt.

Join us right now and make a difference in Egypt’s Future.


Become an advocate on behalf of the Street Children and talk to your family, community , school and government about the Street Children Phenomenon and how it impacts societies all over the world.


Be My Light welcomes and encourages committed individuals to apply as volunteers for positions in the US or in Egypt. Volunteer opportunities range from short-term to long-term assignments. They are offered in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, finance, fundraising, marketing and communications, public policy, and social media, as well as research and administrative work.

Please feel free to email us for possible future openings, indicating your areas of interest and availability.

Sponsor an Event

Support our mission by creating your own fundraiser Event or Sponsor one of our events and make a lasting impact in a Child’s future.