About Be My Light

Be My Light is an independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of the Street Children of Egypt without any political agenda or religious orientation. We are committed to finding permanent solutions for the Street Children and The Children at Risk by helping them to help themselves and enable them to realize their potential and become integrated back into society.

Our Mission

Be My Light’s Mission is, to save the Street Children in Egypt who have been orphaned, abandoned,outcast, abused or exploited, from the dangerous and hopeless life on the streets. Be My Light strives to heal the wounds of these children, to nurture them in an environment of integrity, social maturity, and to empower them to live a healthy life with dignity, irrespective of their religion, sex, color or creed

Our Story

The Street Children of Egypt are not a new phenomenon. These children were often found at corners and under bridges, begging, cleaning cars, or selling tissue paper. Due to both Egypt’s financial and political instability since 2011, it is a fact that the numbers of children living on the streets has significantly increased, according to some estimates, to over 2 million, causing a threat to their lives and Egypt’s future. The Founders and Board Members of Be My Light are committed to creating long lasting change in the lives of the Street Children of Egypt, and finding permanent solutions to their problems, advocating on their behalf, raising international awareness, and helping to shape Egypt’s future.